Next Gen Redifining Home

The world is changing and now more than ever we are seeing the value in being able to double up to help save money and keep families together and close by. Designed to accommodate your clients changing lifestyles, Lennar’s Next Gen® - The Home Within A Home® opens the door to an array of financial and logistical benefits, while providing the opportunity to live every day close to the ones they love. Whether it is affordability, shared responsibility or room for more, Next Gen® is the ideal solution for many homebuyers.


More than just dual owner's suites or an extra bedroom, the Next Gen® home offers an attached private suite with its own separate entrance, living room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry area and kitchenette – all without sacrificing anyone’s privacy or independence.

 Shared Costs

With our Next Gen® design, it's like getting 2 homes for 1 payment®, where your buyer can share home costs, share responsibilities and potentially save money while keeping everyone together. Plus, why pay high assisted living fees, when your buyer can have their loved ones with them?


The Next Gen® suite is a flexible space for any lifestyle. While the additional space is often used as separate living accommodations for parents, grandparents or adult children, the suite can also be used for long term guests, transformed into a private office, gym, or personal studio for your clients hobbies.


More than ever families are living together under the same roof. Your buyer can share their home with their loved ones and enjoy more of life’s special moments together.

Kelly Richmond
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